Welcome to Relax in the Pätsuloigu!

Want to relax with a smaller or larger group away from the noise of the city but near to the capital of Estonia?

In the heart of genuine Estonian nature, Pätsuloigu Cozy Resort is just 36km from the centre of Tallinn.

You can have a party, meeting, training or just enjoy a great night out at the party. And staying the night.

You can make a campfire, barbecue, relax in the sauna or enjoy a hot tub.

Enjoy the Life!

THE LOG HOUSE has a living room with a fireplace, two double bedrooms and open space second floor with at least 14 sleeping arrangements. There is also a decent wood heated Finnish sauna, a shower and a toilet. There is a fridge and a sink in the kitchenette. On the side of the house, there’s a terrace with seating and a beautiful forest view. The entire house has been decorated with stylish and rustic materials.

THE SMOKE SAUNA is an old Estonian-type of sauna that smells of mild smoke. The sauna is heated for at least 5 hours with the doors open, then the coals are removed and the sauna is ventilated. Our smoke sauna has turned out to be the favourite of the vacationers.

THE BATHING BARREL is made of wood and holds up to 7 people. Depending on the desire, it offers icy cold or nicely warm water. The water comes straight from the groundwater of the Pätsuloigu well.

THE SUMMER KITCHEN is a roofed room with tables, benches and a bar.

THE CAMPFIRE SITE: a campfire site with a decent stone edging on the edge of forest behind the summer kitchen.

THE FIRE CHAMBER is a building with a grass roof, where you can light a fire in case the weather is being moody. The house is furnished with leathery couches, wooden chairs and tables and it holds about 50 people. The chamber can be used for various meetings and conferences, also for hosting dance parties and other social events.

Party, camping, hiking

There is a wooden floor in the summer kitchen, the fire chamber and the log house, music can be directed from the log house.

Camping: our forests are clean and ready for campers.

We have founded an hour-and-a-half long hiking trail through wild nature. You come face to face with varied views on the hike: junipers characteristic to Saaremaa, pines similar to coastal forests, chaparrals, fir-groves with an ancient feel, forest trails, big fields, thickets similar to Amazonas, Pokumaa, swamp and riverfront meadows.

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Approximate prices:

* log house, summer kitchen, campfire site.

The final price depends on the time and duration of the rental, special requests, etc. Please get in touch for a personal quote!

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The resort that has been founded on the onetime horse pasture has got its name – Pätsuloigu – after the boggy clearing in the forest that was called the Konstantin Päts’ puddle during the first republic, named so after the beloved president.